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Bull in the Alley

David and I have officially been married for 6 months! (and two days..)

When David and I were just dating, he took me to a very nice steakhouse in Edmond and bought us a very nice dinner to celebrate our first 6 months together, so we decided to keep the tradition alive! Sunday, we celebrated by going to church, having a nice little lunch at home, watching Grey's Anatomy (season 16 ahhh), and going to a mega fancy dinner downtown.

I wanna talk about this dinner we had. If you're from Tulsa, you may have heard of this place, but from our experience, it is very hard to find. David heard about it from a co-worker and made a reservation, but the website for this place is very secretive and vague. Seriously, click on that link.

It's called Bull in the Alley. And it is in an actual alley. No signs outside, no lights around to guide you, no help from Google Maps. We walked right past it Sunday night and luckily came across a man looking for a "green door". We looked with him, and I happened to spot a door that had a small "masks required" sign on it, and we opened it to find two hostesses and a very cozy looking lounge.

Right away, we were taken to our booth and when I tell you this booth was massive, I'm not kidding. The whole lounge was one room, and pretty small. There are a total of 8 booths, all the same size, and 3 tables that sat 4 people, and a beautiful bar with stools. We didn't get a chance to see it, but they have a private room in the back somewhere for larger parties. It really is a beuatiful restaurant. Looking on the internet at pictures, the green door is way easier to spot in the daytime, and there is a tiny little bull hanging above it. Overall, it felt very much like a secret speakeasy.

Let's talk about the food.

David and I knew it was pricey to eat here, so we saved up and planned to go on a special occasion (half year anniversary). We felt like children in this place. We didn't know some words on the menu, we stumbled over drink orders, and we laughed every time they brought out another surprisingly beautiful dish that we felt like we didn't deserve! It was quite fun. We plan to study for our next trip...

The menu, as you could imagine, is short. Two entree choices including a filet and a porterhouse, a few appetizer options including escargo and crab cakes, and around five side options including potatoes egan. I had to Google what "egan" meant. I'm still not sure tbh. But they were awesome.

This steak though. I ordered a filet, medium rare, and died and went to heaven after the first bite. It was, quite literally, like biting into butter. The most tender, most juicy, and most tasty steak I have eaten, to this day. I'm one of those people who like their steak to still be bleeding, so I was pleased to find mine SWIMMING in oils and blood. I could talk about this steak forever. No joke.

David got the Porterhouse, which had filets and other cuts on it. Again, amazing.

We hadn't planned on getting desert, but our server talked us into it when he said they had a "turtle ice cream pie". Sold. HOLY COW. I can't even describe how big it was. Imagine a pie crust, and you just dump two gallons of ice cream on it, cut it into fifths, and serve it with a knife.

Huge. Delicious. Sitting in my freezer at home.

Overall, the day was so much fun, and a really great time for David and I. We spent the whole day together, got to worship, and got to eat the most satisfying meal ever. What a fabulous way to celebrate 6 months of living my best life with my best guy.

I can't wait to go back to Bull in the Alley. Trust me, that was NOT the last they will see of the Richardsons.

If you're ever in the area, and need a fancy meal to change your life, I highly suggest it.

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