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Biden's Gun Violence Prevention Plan


I say "for dummies" mainly for myself.

I watched and listened to our Pres this morning as he addressed his feelings and thoughts about the gun violence in America that has rocked 2021 already. I got a notification on my phone for this speech and all I read was "Biden, Gun Violence, Executive Order" and I was TUNING IN!!

So I took some notes for you guys. I found myself not really understanding the whole "executive order" thing, and lots of other things in this speech, so I wanted to ask for forgiveness in advance for anything I misunderstand.


Google says "An executive order is a rule or order made by a President of the United States. The order tells agencies and officers of the Federal government of the United States things that they must do".

That is pretty much what I thought it was. I did learn however, that these orders can be stopped by courts. BOO.

Okay. The proposal.

So, dear little Joseph Biden began by welcoming everyone to listen to him, and even pointed out some families of the victims of recent shootings who bravely made the decision to come out and hear what he had to say. He thanked them for support, and apologized for the tragedy thay had all endured. It was very kind, and really got the crowd (me), ready for his plan.

Now, I'm not great at taking notes (see all of my exam grades in college), so I am going to just bullet point what was touched on, and offer any details that I can remember.

(again if I get something wrong, SORRY I'm just a cute 24 yr old liberal with a pineapple shaped sticky-note pad)

Takeaways from the Gun Control Proposal

+ Biden would like to reign in the proliferation on "ghost guns". These are guns that you basically buy in a kit, and put together at home, that have NO SERIAL NUMBERS on parts, and don't require a background check. Which, hello, shook me. We've just been allowing that to happen? WHO decided that was okay? He is asking that manufacturers put serial numbers on parts, and do background checks, which is frankly the LEAST they could do.

+ Biden would like us to be able to adjust better to trafficking methods. Trafficking methods for firearms are changing all the time, and Biden believes we are behind on our reports and the information we have. He is asking that (the person/agents that report these things) step it up, and make new reports DAILY as things change. love it. great idea.

+ Firearm modifications need to be documented. Again, not sure who thought we shouldn't do this... So basically, if someone brings you a shotgun and says, "hey saw this off for me", you should report that. I THINK. I believe he is saying there needs to be a better way to flag people who modify their weapons, like when someone buys a silencer. Can this be done? I'm not sure. There are ways around laws, ofc, but I mean, making it a law could cut back on stuff.

+ NATIONAL RED FLAG LAWS. I didn't know this was a thing until today, but I am here for it. So these laws, actually called Extreme Risk Protection Laws, would allow someone to petition a court to have a firearm removed from someone who SHOULDN'T HAVE ONE!!! The two examples Biden gave that I agree with include spousal abusers, and people with a mental illness. This law, if made, could prevent SO MUCH DAMAGE. wow.

+ Joe nominated David Chipman to be the new director of ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives). I don't know anything about this guy, but congrats Dave. You have so much on your shoulders now. Keep my man Biden and Congress in check pls.

+ Biden called out Congress for their inaction thus far. And I APPLAUDED IT. He said Congress has offered lots of "thoughts and prayers" but has made no action to change anything. Enough thoughts. Let's MOVE GUYS.

+ Biden called for the removal of legal immunity from gun manufacturers. They should be able to be sued, basically. Like tobacco companies. seems fair to me.

+ Biden would like to BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS with large capacity mags. His words- "NOBODY NEEDS ONE". And boy is he right. There's no reason for anyone to have that much power.


Based off of this proposal, it is looking like this President has a passion for change in gun control. And I'm excited about it. I'm ready for the change.

Biden closed out by thanking everyone at home and those present for listening, and before he introduced the next speaker, he said something that stood out to me.

The recent gun violence and the lack of action by the USA thus far is a "blemish on our character as a nation".

(for those of us who still see America as the greatest nation around)...

I'm excited to see this change being proposed, nervous for what the response will be, and anxiously awaiting the day we can finally move lower on the list of countries with the most gun violence.

Stay safe out there my dudes.


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