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On to new things...

This morning at church, it was announced that last Monday I was let go from my position as Youth Minister at Contact.

A decision was made that I am not a fit for the direction they are hoping to see the church and youth group going in the future. This decision came completely out of the blue for us.

David and I are still very shocked, confused and saddened by this choice.

I feel like I am grieving multiple losses all at once. The students I know and love, the church family, and some really good relationships. I'm hurting for my youth group the most, and mourning with them over yet another shift in their leadership at Contact, and the loss of some progress we had made together.

David and I have been flooded by calls and texts from friends and family this last week and have felt really supported by those who have reached out. We appreciate it more than we can express.

At this point, we ask for prayers as we both start to naviagte what is sure to be a bumpy new road in our lives. Prayers for peace and comfort, prayers for guidance, and prayers for new opportunities to serve the Kingdom. Please also be in prayer for the Contact church as God guides them in this new direction.

David and I want to thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts, for all of the support we have received from you. It has been a real comfort to us knowing that we had people behind us this whole time who cared about us and were praying for us.

We know overall that God is in control and that we will be taken care of. We know what is said in Psalm 46 to be true:

"God is our fortress. A presence and strength in trouble."

We will be still.

We will have faith.

We will be okay.

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