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January 6, 2021

This America. And I want out.

Yesterday, most of the United States watched in horror as a massive hoard of insurgents breached the US Capitol building, weilding Trump flags on poles, donning MAGA hats, and screaming about taking back what was "rightfully theirs".

I didn't see the start.

I was in the middle of an interview with a potential intern when my phone started blowing up with texts asking me if I was watching what I think will go down in history as one of the saddest American displays of treason in our time. The world kind of stopped for me. I called my dad, who was in tears by the way, and got the update on what was going down at the Capitol, before going to my office to turn on a live broadcast from CBSN. I almost didn't believe it could be as bad as my dad said it was...? Surely not, right?

I turned on the broadcast, and grabbed my phone to see what people were saying on Twitter, but when I got there, nothing new was popping up from the people I follow. A standstill. I refreshed a few times before switching over to a few group chats with friends who were scared and concerned about what was to come. How far could this go? Injury? Death? Surely not.... right?

(It's the complete lack of respect and decency for me)

I was in shock. Not shocked that it happened, I think we all saw this coming, but in a state of shock. I couldn't believe this is what it had actually come to. That I was living it. That WE were living through yet another tragic historical event. I mean, you talk about overthrowing the government, and that is just something that we don't see in America. Until now..

I found myself crying a lot yesterday. Not because I am a history buff and the building means something to me, not because I thought a war was about to break out, but because it broke my heart to see that these evil people were waving flags that represented hatred, right next to a sign with my Savior's name on it. "Jesus Saves" in big bold letters, in the middle of a sea of hatred. There were Christians there. There were Christians on Facebook defending them. I just didn't undertsand. This isn't what God wanted... There's nothing even remotely close to Christian about what occured at this building yesterday. And yet...

No one should be proud of this event. No one should be let off the hook for this. Everyone photgraphed inside the building, punching cops and breaking windows, sitting in offices of government workers, taking important documents and artifacts, should be in custody. Unfortunately, I'm not sure everyone sees it this way. Unfortunately, many of those domestic terrorists will get away with what they did.

So, today, I mourn with thousands of Americans. I mourn for the 4 lives lost in vain in this riot, for the thousands of Black Americans who are seeing again just how far white people can go without reprecussions, and for the complete disregard of human decency on display at the Capitol yesterday.

I hope we can recover from this.

I pray that our country won't let this slide, and that we won't forget how we felt yesterday. I pray for the families of those who were lost because of this terrible decision. I pray for the classless fools who stormed the Capitol in search of idiotic power, and that they can see the error in their actions. I pray for the Christians who sat back and said nothing, and for their families and friends who desperately needed them to do the opposite. I'm praying for the Black community who watched as white privelege once again reigned down in the streets, and felt hopelessness. I'm praying that we can all feel comfort in the knowledge that God is the divine ruler over all of the evil in the world, and we have Him to lean on.

Hug someone today. For me.

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