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Twitter Is Fun


Right now, I'm sticking with a very reluctant yes.

Here's why:

I enjoy Twitter. I enjoy putting my thoughts out into the universe and seeing who agrees with them or disagrees or just doesn't care. It is almost like a mini version of Facebook, but with less PTA moms. You know what I mean.

However, lately, it's been annoying and frustrating, so I wanted to unpack that. Perhaps a Pros and Cons list situation...


Pros of Twitter

  1. You can say anything you want. Literally any opinion is allowed, as long as it isn't a false statement that is super harmful to others.

  2. You can get live updates from news channels and journalists.

  3. You can do research.

  4. There is the obvious one where you can keep contact with people you don't see everyday.

  5. You can search for any tweet or any person that has ever tweeted.

  6. The app sparks conversations about change and progress in our world and in our lives that may not reach many people any other way.

  7. Caucasian James.

Cons of Twitter

  1. People are rude.

  2. You have to see lots of stuff you don't necessarily want to.

  3. It can cause drama because of how impulsive it allows us to be.

  4. Literally can make me so mad that I can't function.

  5. Gives people an opportunity to start beef in DMs and on public feeds.

  6. Politicians have accounts.

  7. OC Parody accounts.


I don't know. It is frustrating to me.

I think I could live without it, because I have Instagram for my pals and Facebook for my older pals. But the FOMO is holding me back.

I hope this helped you more than it helped me.

Thoughts on deleting the app? Sign up and write a comment! Let's get a discussion going!

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