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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Imagine living in a place that has no Whataburger...

My dad posted this graphic on his blog yesterday, and it provoked a thought that I needed to share. Why isn't there a location in Chicago? I'm not sure how old this map is, but when Chicago STOLE this beloved franchise from Texas a year ago, I assumed they had something to back it up with.

I used to hate burgers. Like, despised them. As a child, my main source of nutrition came from chicken nuggets and PBJ sandwiches, and if we ever went to McDonald's or Whataburger, I refused to eat the burgers. I can't explain it, I just couldn't eat a burger.

That is, until we found out we were moving to Amarillo...

On one of our visits to Amarillo, the church staff took us to a very popular, local burger joint. I was told this burger would change my life, so I got the kids meal option, which was basically a slider, and reluctantly bit into this "amazing" burger.

And the rest is history. Blue Sky changed my life. I can't get enough of these things.

That's all I really have today. If you make it to Amarillo, for some random reason, stop at Blue Sky. Order the crispy fries.

(Also, whoever my reader is from Paducah, KY, I appreciate the dedication to checking in every day)

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